OpenTA is primarily designed to allow teachers to present assignments and exercises to questions where answers are are given using mathematical formulas. It provides the opportunity for a student to supplement these answers with by uploading handwritten material which the teacher can then review to provide additional feedback and grade if assigning a grade is a goal.

OpenTA allows teachers to monitor student progress by seeing what tasks the students are actively working on and how well they have resolved outstanding tasks. The teacher can monitor both individual responses and overall statistics. They can also see recent response attempts, both correct and incorrect for a given question. It is possible for the teacher look in detail at a given student and see how they are faring in the course.



Information on what OpenTA is and how it can be used.


Where OpenTA is in use.

OpenTA For Authors

Here is a guide to question creation

Authoring questions

Instructions on how to set up a course.

OpenTA For Admins

Teachers must create a course, create exercises and manage participants. This section will guide you through these steps.

Getting Started

Instructions on how to set up a course.

Managing the Course

Read up on how to publish exercises, setup deadlines, provide access to students, use translations and enable Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI).

Managing Participants

Tells you how to manage users, creating privileged users, deleting users, and disabling student access.

1) Archive your finished course

Instructions on how terminate and archive a course

OpenTA For Authors

Authoring questions

Instructions for authoring

OpenTA For Webworks users

OpenTA For webworks users

Integrating existing webworks course

OpenTA For Students

Access and first time login

Instructions for students on how to access a course.

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