Access and first time login

LTI (Canvas or Moodle Access )

  • Click on the OpenTA Link in Canvas or Moodle, (Canvas and Moodle referred to as LTI in this documentation).

  • If you want to get rid of the Canvas frame

    • Click on Frameless OpenTA after you have opened logged in on OpenTA Canvas link

  • If you want to access OpenTA outside of Canvas

    • Login via Canvas

    • Click on the key icon in the header and assign yourself a password

    • Then access the site directly via the URL and login you see in Frameless OpenTA

Problems with LTI access:

  • Multiple OpenTA identities or a hash as username ?

    • This has happened for GU students taking Chalmers courses.

    • Make sure you are logged in only through the Chalmers Canvas.

  • Access denied : Please enable cookies (and third-party cookies) to access OpenTA

    • Canvas sets third party cookies to open an app in a frame.

    • Enable third party cookies in your browser

    • If you don’t want to allow all third party cookies, allow those from [*.]

  • Update your browswer; OpenTA enforces security settings that are violated in earlier browswers.

  • If you still get problems with LTI access write an email

Non-LTI (standalone app)

Several methods; the examiner has chosen one and it should be obvious from the OpenTA page. All methods require a valid email from which you will need to retrive an email from

  • Anonymous login method
    • Login anonymously

    • A bogus login attempt may be required generate an anonymous link

    • After you login, you can and follow the instructions.


      In order to keep the bots away, you may need to answer a few exercises correctly before you will be allowed to register.

    • You must use a valid email which you can validate

  • Password method
    • The course examiner has given a signup password

  • Self registration by email
    • Use your university email

Problems gaining Non-LTI access

  • Find the email in spam or junk. This solves 95% of signup problems.