Managing Participants

Manage users

  • Try out anonymous logins

  • Make sure the toolbar is visible by clicking the icon at the top left

  • Click the Users icon () in the toolbar to see who is registered and their status


    Please don’t add or delete fields that are available until you know what you are doing.

Creating additional privileged users

Once an anonymous user has registered, the user is promoted to ordinary student. A superuser can further escalate the privileges. To promote a user to full superuser, do the following

  • Click the Users icon () in the toolbar to see who is registered and what their status is,

  • Click on the ID of the user to be promoted,

  • You are now at the Change User page,

  • On this page do the following:

    • Enable the Staff Status and Superuser status checkboxes,

    • Remove the Student and AnonymousStudent groups from, Chosen groups (if they are present),

    • Add the Admin, Author and View to the Chosen groups

    • Set LtiRoles to ContentDeveloper,Instructor i.e. a string with a comma in the middle


    No permissions are necessary; they come automatically with the group

  • If you wish to give the user all privileges, enable the Superuser status checkbox.

  • Press the Save button at the bottom of the page to finish.

Deleting Users

  • Click the Users icon () in the toolbar

  • Click on the checkboxes corresponding to the users you wish to delete

  • In the Action pull down, select Delete selected user

  • Press the Go button,

  • You are now presented with a confirmation page,

  • Press the Yes, I'm sure button to confirm the deletion

When OpenTA is used in with LTI authentication, a student who is deleted will be reauthorized upon LTI access. The student must be removed from Canvas enrollment to disable all further access.

Alternate Method

Another way to disable an individual student is to select the student, then remove the student from all groups.

Disable all student access

To disable all student access, unpublish the course.